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Mission Statement  

At Venture Voice, we inform, educate, and empower our readers on the nuances of B2B scaling, growth, lead generation, and marketing, ensuring that today's professionals and future trailblazers are ahead of the curve.

Who We Are

Venture Voice, co-founded by Sam Hajighasem and Yasi Rezvani, emerged from a recognized need for focused B2B information in today's competitive tech-driven landscape. 

We are more than just another publication or newsletter. Our content is meticulously curated to hone leadership skills and facilitate business scaling.

Our Brands

Crafted for your B2B challenges, we specialize in scaling your business, generating impactful leads, establishing eminent thought leadership, and enhancing brand visibility.

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Our Solutions To B2B Problems

As specialists in the B2B domain, our solutions are geared towards addressing growth and scaling challenges. Venture Voice is a proud subsidiary of Venture Podcasting, a pioneering media entity that champions podcasting for thought leadership, lead generation, and brand establishment. With our proven strategies, we craft a media funnel tailored to consistently attract high-quality leads for your business. 

Interested to know more? Check out our "services" page. 


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Earning a spot in Venture Voice Magazine is a testament to remarkable journeys. While we're eager to hear inspiring tales, it's essential for us to ensure that every story aligns with our standards. Do you believe your journey, or someone you know, fits our mold? Send us an email at

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