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Driving Business Success with Dexter Global: An Interview with Founder and CEO Fre Rammeloo

In our recent interview, we had the opportunity to sit down with the vibrant Fre Rammeloo, the founder and CEO of Dexter Global Business Solutions. With a legacy of aiding companies in areas of procurement, supply chain, and profitability enhancement, Fre has carved a niche for herself in the business world.

Listen to the full-podcast episode of Proven Pathways👇.


Dexter Global Business Solutions: Generating Leads and Learning from Mistakes

The Art of B2B Lead Generation

The prime focus of our discussion was how Dexter Global Business Solutions generates leads, a topic that resonates with many businesses. Fre acknowledged that lead generation and sales were among the most challenging tasks she faced in her role. But over time, she's developed an efficient strategy that hinges on several key pillars:

Understanding the Product and Customer:

Every successful business journey begins with an intimate understanding of your product and the problems it solves for the potential customer.

Building Authentic Relationships:

Whether you're navigating the European business realm or breaking into the USA market, nurturing relationships stands paramount.

Leveraging Personal Branding:

Authenticity should be at the heart of your brand's story. It's about knowing your unique value and ensuring that it shines through in the market.

And then there's the compelling aspect of personal branding. Authenticity forms the core of a brand’s story. Knowing and highlighting your distinct value proposition ensures you shine in your respective markets. This is a testament to the power of podcasting as a branding and marketing strategy.

The Power of Storytelling in Business:

But what’s a brand without a story? Successful enterprises, like Disney, have cemented their presence in the business realm by framing their offerings within a captivating narrative. This encapsulates the power of storytelling in business. It’s not just about a product or service but the broader context and impact it brings. This narrative-centric approach can be likened to the strategies employed by leading podcast agencies in [your location/city], such as Venture Podcasting, in building branded podcasts for businesses.

Client Retention

Establishing and adhering to company values can greatly aid in client retention. The Dexter Global Business Solutions, for example, operates on ABC values: Agile, Brave, and Collaborative. Being adaptable, courageous, and cooperative ensures that they meet and exceed client expectations, leading to repeat business.

Embracing Mistakes (Don't Hire a Sales Person at First)

Mistakes, according to Fre, are the hidden gems of growth. One poignant reflection was on the premature hiring of sales personnel. The passion and profound knowledge of a founder are irreplaceable, especially in the early stages of a business. Strategic planning, setting clear goals, and harnessing the power of podcast strategy can significantly influence success.

Dexter GBS's Vision: Agility, Bravery, and Collaboration

Fre highlights that Dexter GBS distinguishes itself in a competitive market not by undercutting prices, but by steadfastly adhering to its core values. Their commitment to transparency, even when addressing challenges openly, truly differentiates them.

Watch the full-podcast episode 👇

For those keen on diving deeper into Dexter GBS's offerings, Fre invites you to connect via LinkedIn, their company website, or drop an email.

In Conclusion

The B2B podcasting realm is burgeoning with opportunities. With insights from industry stalwarts like Fre Ramello, B2B entrepreneurs and founders can harness the potential of podcasting for lead generation, branding, and marketing. As we always advocate at Venture Podcasting, transforming voice into business value is about building branded podcasts for businesses, becoming an industry leader through podcasting, and understanding that podcasting serves as a dynamic branding and marketing strategy.


In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, the power of the spoken word remains a timeless asset. Venture Podcasting is more than just a service provider; we are your partners in navigating the intricate world of B2B podcasting. Our commitment to prioritizing branding and strategy first, combined with our innovative "Podcast Networking" approach, sets the stage for unparalleled growth and market dominance. As the leading podcasting agency, we're dedicated to not only amplifying your voice but transforming it into tangible business value. Join us on this auditory journey, where your brand's story becomes the beacon for your industry.


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